Cannabis Landraces Decoded: What’s in a Name?

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The old expression “oil and water don’t mix” has described a problem cannabis consumers have struggled with for a long time.

Five of our best strains to enjoy the sunshine

It’s that time of year: the ground is thawing, the lilacs are budding, and we start removing layers. Those strains that have gotten you through cozy season give way to outdoor, adventurous strains that pair best with hiking, gardening, or even relaxing on the porch in that fresh Maine air. Let’s take a look at some springtime strains!

Microbes: the microscopic heavy lifters

At first glance, super soils for growing cannabis can all look the same. Start with a compost-heavy potting soil and add your fertilizers and call it a day, right? Not so fast. There is more to that dirt than meets the eye.

Cannabis Landraces Decoded: What’s in a Name?

Cannabis connoisseurs may notice a term that has been gaining in popularity over the years that has some mysterious connotations: Landrace.

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